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Moto Mind Gym
OPENS 1st July!

Membership Inclusions:

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

✅ Whatsapp Private Support

✅ Group Privacy

✅ Small investment of just $250/mth

✅ Cancel anytime

✅ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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An online gym for you to regularly workout & strengthen your Mind

What You'll Master:

🧠💪🏻 How to breakthough Fears & mental limitations

🧠💪🏻 How to leave behind your excuses & breakthrough your Challenges

🧠💪🏻 How to keep your Composure when things aren't going to plan

🧠💪🏻 How to get and stay 'In the zone'. aka Ride in a flow state.

🧠💪🏻 How to have Unshakeable Self-Confidence

🧠💪🏻 How to Simplify the path to achieve your goals and stay on track

🧠💪🏻 Repeatable Strategies to stay Consistent throughout the entire season

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Mondays 6pm AEST (60mins)

Online, in a digital Zoom meeting room

Education and personal empowerment tools that help you master your own mind,
so you can reach your motocross goals in less time, with fewer injuries.

By breaking down and simplifying basic human behaviour principles and universal laws
to gain a greater understanding of how and why you do, what you do and how to change it.

This is an interactive group training session. We will start off with an education piece (insight into the topic)
Followed by a practical activity which you will be invited to engage in.
Finishing off with Q&A

Privacy for Questions:
You will be able to see me, but I won't be able to see you.
All your questions will get posed to the group as anonymous (only host will see your name)
We understand that this is an individual sport and we want you to always feel safe to speak up and ask questions

Who is it for?
The training is tailored for riders age 10+ but we encourage parents to login separately and join in on the activities.

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You've been practicing your technical skills,

You've been training your body,

Now it's time to train your mind and put it all together!

Life becomes Limitless when YOU do.

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Imagine what regular mental skills training could do for you...

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The choice is yours!

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